Review : Mr. Romantic by J.A Huss


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Synopsis taken from Goodreads :

Charm is the key to the world.

Charisma, magnetism, sex appeal—that ‘it’ factor that can’t be described.

Nolan Delany has it is spades.

The infamous Mr. Romantic.

And maybe he is out of my league… But I’m going to give it the old college try anyway. Because I didn’t travel two thousand miles for a job interview at his request just to be put out like trash.

Don’t underestimate me, Mr. Delaney.

I’m really not as innocent as I look

-End of synopsis-

4 stars!

HEA? You can click this link if you want to know if its HEA or not -> Mr Romantic by J A Huss

What the fudge was that?



This is my first book by J.A Huss, and definitely I will read her other books

[NOTE : Mr Romantic is the second installment from the Mister series. Don’t worry it can be read as a stand-alone, but if you want a deeper understanding I suggest you read it in order. I read the second book first annnd you can say I was quite lost with who Mr Corporate is, who Ellie is and more. Again, don’t worry they are not the main highlight for this book and they do tell who Mr Mysterious is and whatnot 😉

Series in order:
#1 Mr. Perfect (The link is broken) = McAllister ‘Mac’ Stonewall and Eloise ‘Ellie’ Hatcher
#2[book:Mr. Romantic|29965776] = Nolan Delaney and Ivy Rockwell
#3Mr. Corporate = Weston Conrad and Victoria Arias
#4Mr. Mysterious = Paxton Vance and Cindy Shrike
#5Mr. Match = Oliver Shrike and Katya Kalashova

IMPORTANT! From what I was told, Mr Match should be read last. Because all the mysteries will be solved #5 Mr Match]

Major keyword for Mr Romantic is trust

“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”
― Maya Angelou

The story

Ivy Rockwell,our heroine, who received an invitation from Delaney Resort. Question is she didn’t apply for the job? Then why they told her to interview for a job?

First mystery!!! Yep, this is just the beginning guys. Read further and more mysteries will come and greet you.

I love the concept of this story, its mysterious nuh-uh I’m not lying

I like to guess who is behind all these mess? Who the real culprit? It gives me a reason to live hahaha dramatic

Why the criminal does that??? Like seriously why?? and who??


I got curious questions while reading this, it made me anxious and I like it so much! This book should be a movie, I’m deadly serious guys. Because the mysterious elements got me pumped up, thrilled and juicied up. Apart from that, I like the notion of nicknames such as “Mr Corporate” “Mr Romantic” I find it cool and so “Damn bad boys and their nicknames”


Angst? ✔
Sexy hero? ✔
Strong heroine? ✔
Mysterious? ✔
Rich people? ✔
Bad boy vibes? ✔
Bitchy characters? ✔ (I love when we have characters to hate, it creates a sense of ‘climactic’)


Everything is nice, well-written and a wonderful plot. All books that I have read, I usually don’t pay much attention to sexual adventures, because Im not looking for that believe me . Im looking for the depth or relationship and angst. How deeply inlove they are with one another and the strength of their relationship yep that is what I’m looking for . But still, sexual activities play a major part, mainly due to, you can see the interactions and how they communicate with their body. Because, well, sexual intercourse has the ability to portray if its “love” or “lust”. In this case, I’m not a fan of their sexual acts… Others might find it sexy and rough. As for me, its too much for me to handle, because I cant accept illustration of sexual adventures here. Only that, the rest BIG THUMBS UP from me FABULOUS annnd hilarious at some aspects don’t forget that!

“Dude, it’s not about you.”
“Then why the fuck are you calling me?”
Man this guy. I swear. He’s got no people skills at all. How the fuck he ever got into Brown, I will never understand. “I hear you can find dirt on people.”
“Who told you that?”
“Jesus Christ.” I scrub a hand down my face and try to be patient with the guy. “I know you, Pax. Mr. Mysterious remember? All those good times in court ten years ago?


Nolan Delaney

You get addicted to all of it. You get addicted to the life. I want her to be addicted to my life.

Apart from his gorgeous face, fat wallet $$$, body to worship, hes not like what everyone says about him. He’s not the man who fucked around without consent. He has a crappy past that he and the rest of his gang Mr Corporate, Mysterious, Perfect, Match want to forget. He believed he was framed. I smell ‘someone tried to set him up’. He’s a nice man, giving chances, hearing explanations, hard-working. Not just his past is killing him, his family is being too hard on him.

I don’t know why I’m fixated on Ivy Rockwell, but I am.


PS : I hate Nolan’s sister Claudette. Her name is beautiful but her personality? Not so much, rubbish is way better than her. Underestimating Ivy is her hobby, like s*** what you trying to do? Your way of protecting your brother is a total bomb, legit Fail from me. (She creates drama, honestly I like it)

“I… I don’t know. We had an unexpected end to our meeting. Claudette–”
“Don’t say the demon’s name,” Jerry says, rolling his eyes. “I completely understand. She’s horrible, right?”


Ivy Rockwell

My strict religious upbringing? Probably. But there’s this fear inside me. A fear of taking risks. I’ve never been a risk-taker. I’ve always played it safe.

Ivy Rockwell, shes pastor’s daughter, nice girl, smart, beautiful and a virgin (Hey! There is nothing wrong with being a virgin♥ ). She stood up to Claudette. You go girl! I like when she did that claps . She used to enroll at Bishop School for Girls, everyone is rich $$$ except her. It is okay sweetheart, you are a smart girl.


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Happy reading guys! 🙂


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