Review : Womanizer by Katy Evans


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[NOTE: This is the fourth installment in the series #Manwhore. It can be read as stand-alone. The first and second books (Manwhore, Manwhore +1) are about Malcolm Saint and Rachel. Third book, Ladies man is about Tahoe Roth and Gina. Lastly, Womanizer is the fourth book and its about Callan Carmichael and Olivia Roth]


Goodreads rating I give for this book : 5 stars

HEA? You can click this link if you want to know if its HEA or not -> Womanizer by Katy Evans

This is my first book by Katy Evans and I must say she’s officially one of my favorite authors. Yep putting her to my bio list.


 Praises for Katy Evans

“Sexy, sweet, passionate, and intense, WOMANIZER was all of that and so much more!”
– Shayna, Shayna’s Spicy Reads

“Katy Evans once again outdid herself in one UNPUTDOWNABLE, pulse-pounding, and pleasurable penned piece of PERFECTION!!! ”
-Karen McVino, Bookalicious Babes Blog

Major keywords for Womanizer : Fears, spontaneity and “head over heels(in love)”

“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Fears : Of disappointing her loved ones
Spontaneity : Cheers to all the unplanned things in life
Head over heels : Fight for what you love

I’m keeping my word. I’ll quit smoking. But I’m never quitting her.

Womanizer is a killer! I couldn’t put it down, if I did, it haunts me. I’m like “Fudge this, I’m gonna finish this book today. Fudge sleep” and so I did. But I don’t regret a single thing. It is filled with numerous of elements (OH NO!, OH YES!, DON’T!, DO THAT!, OMG!, YES PLEASE!, SH*T!, GO AWAY!, GOD I DON’T LIKE YOU) #TeamEyeBag&DarkCircles

It is told in dual POV (NOTE: It is mostly told in Livvy’s POV, only a few of Callan roughly around 2-3).

“Who needs Clark Kent when I have Callan Carmichael?”
“My ego, woman. Stop feeding it.” He tweaks my nose. “You think I’m Superman.”


Olivia Roth (Baby sister to Tahoe Roth) has an internship at Carma Inc. The CEO of Carma Inc is Callan Carmichael, Tahoe’s bestfriend and also the last man standing among the three best friends.
Oh yeah I smell office romance, I’m a sucker for this genre YAY ME!

Below is a set of my emotions while reading Womanizer Tsk tsk tsk


Callan Carmichael

You have to love this man, there is nothing about him that is impossible not to love.

I will give you a list of why he is impossible not to love :-

1. He is hot as hell (What? I know you ladies like hot guys, cause I do too very much )
2. He is beautiful inside and outside (He is so perfect isn’t he???)
3. He is a good listener (Gosh I need a bf who listens to me rant or talk non-sense)
4. He is sweet (YES! POUR ME ALL THE HONEY)
5. He is coughs rich coughs (Its a bonus *Wink*)
6. He is possessive in an understandable manner not a creepo (I like me man being possessive of me)
7. He works hard (Hello, that is a sign of determination and ambitious)
8. He is good coughs in bed coughs (We need to have some fun too okay)

The list could go on forever why this man is lovable dreamy *Fansself*

“Did you think I only wanted to sleep with you, Livvy?” he asks.
I swallow.
“Was that what you thought I was asking for?”
I’m breathless and flushed, because maybe I did think that.
He moves his hand as if ready to brush my hair back, but instead he peers into my face. “That’s not what I want from you. I like you too much. I enjoy being with you.”


Callan Carmichael 28 yrs old, has a lovely brown hair with light sun. Hazel eyes. Strong jawlines with perfect hard lines and a little scruff. Just imagine him ladies 😉

I love my lovely fucking infuriating girl.
I’m all in. Every day.
They say you’re never truly wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.
I wake up to that something every morning. Blonde hair, long lines, loving eyes. I’m the wealthiest man alive

I don’t know who this guy is, but I pictured him as Callan Carmichael (Found him on google)



Olivia “Livvy” Roth

I must say I like her, i really do. She is strong, smart and determined to work hard. Very ambitious heroine. I can relate to her cause Livvy hates being underestimated, disappoint her family, lying (This one I can’t relate hahah) and HEIGHT! Livvy is so adorable and sweet, you can feel her love for her family. Its just Oh my heart and the deep connection she has with her brother #MadRespect

“I wasn’t very smart, grade-wise. I always had to put in double the effort that others in my class”

She is a beautiful woman; 22 yrs old, blonde, blue-eyes, fair skinned. I’m imagining Candice Swanepoel here


“God. Loving this man has been both the easiest and the most challenging thing I’ve ever done.”


Her relationship with her brother is something I respect and oh goodness, siblings goals??? Tahoe is very protective of her, come on Livvy is his baby sister so sweet. I can see how much Tahoe loves her, can you believe me he got a trust fund for her, like??? Where can I get a big brother like you???

T.R.: If you wimp out, you can intern with me.

Me: My favorite bro? So he’ll give me time to file my nails and watch reality TV while at work? No thanks, I’d rather earn my place.

T.R.: K. Let me know when you miss being a princess and I’ll see what can I do.

Me: Promise

Not to mention her relationship with Gina(Tahoe’s lover) is just BOMB

Liv, don’t tell Tahoe I left this, I just want to be sure you’ll be smart about anything
Love, Gina

I laugh and look at all the condom flavors in here, all of them in an extra-large size. I don’t even wonder why Gina decided that is the most usual size because I’m pretty sure it’s not, but okay.


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Happy reading guys! 🙂


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