Review : Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland


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“Let me get this straight,” Chance said with a sleptical tone. “We didn’t hit the goat, but he faints when he’s scared and he’s blind”
“That’s right.”
Chance erupted in laughter. It was the second time I’d seen him lose it in the last twenty-four hours.


Angst? Medium
Ending? Beautiful and great ending! (+ cute epilogue)
Page turner? At first yes, then I lost it in the middle
Book hangover? Not really

Goodreads rating I give for this book : 3.75 stars

HEA? You can click this link if you want to know if its HEA or not -> Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland


Not only that, I’d pretty much experienced the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance

This book is DUAL POV, at the very first half of this book is told from Aubrey POV. The rest is told from Chance POV.

It is a story of Aubrey and Chance, fate brought them together. What are the chances of you meeting a hot guy out of nowhere who is heading to the same place as you wished to go? Lemme tell you that fate.

This is how it goes, Aubrey and Chance met at a rest stop. Aubrey has a flat tire and Chance’s bike wont start. Since here, their relationship began.



He is your sexy-handsome-hot guy with many gentleman traits *claps* wonder what that is? He is no womanizer, ladies rawr Not just that, he loves him family fiercely, he is your loyal guy and surprisingly sweet! *fansself*

His gorgeous, chiseled, scriffy face, framed by a thich head of copper-brown hair. Fuck me. This man was insanely hot, not someone I expected to come across out here.

Who would have thought a hot guy can be funny? Smells complete package didn’t ya? Cause I sure did

He sure is one naughty boy

Chance glanced over at me, a solemn look on his face at first, then a slow grin spread wide. “You want to sin with me, Princess?” Did I ever.



She is a woman who is scared of falling for someone BECAUSE she is scared of getting hurt. Put her emotional state aside. Aubrey is one success woman, I mean she graduated from law school. LAW PEOPLE LAW!! That aint easy *Hands down* (In my opinion tho). She is a kind woman as well, who loves animals. I’d say her pet, a goat (I’m not kidding) plays a significant role in this book. If you have already read their (Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward) other books, you will understand what I’m trying to say. I WAS SHOOK! HUE-MAN

Aubrey is also one dirty woman

Holy mother of all cocky bastards. He was hung. The thing was dangling more than halfway to his knees. I took a sharp breath in, realized it was audible, and quickly slapped my hand over my mouth. I kept it there until he was completely dressed, afraid a moan might slip out.



Actually I like the plot and everything even the characters. There are no one to hate so much here. At first I was super hooked, I can’t let it go. I kept on reading, but it started to change after half of the book. I was slowly losing my interest. Due to one aspect of the plot and I that will never get along. Only ONE though, but still, it is something that I’m not a fan of. It ruined the “Interesting” vibe for me.


But hey, don’t let my review change your mind. Because not everyone has the same taste right? Perhaps what I’m not a fan of might be your favorite. Unless we have the same taste of books or you already have read my bio on Goodreads. I get why the author put in “the thing that I don’t like”. To create angst.


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Happy reading guys! 🙂


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