Review : Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland



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Angst? Medium
Ending? Perfect! + excellent epilogue
Page turner? DAMN YEAH!
Book hangover? TOTALLY

Goodreads rating I give for this book : 5 ‘CAPTAIN CLYNES’ stars

HEA? You can click this link if you want to know if its HEA or not -> Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

 Praise for Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

“5 Triple C STARS! Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland are a writing duo knockout!”
-Reanell, Book Babes Unite

“I wondered how they’d write one better than Graham? And while they are both so different, we all have our faves and Carter is now MY FAVE!”
-Sophie, Bookalicious BabesBlog


Major keywords for Playboy pilot signs and ‘finding yourself’

This story is about Kendall Sparks trying to figure out and sort her life. She is contemplating about her life, where should she go and what should she do. It is all because of inheritance . To inherit the $$$ from her granpa she needs to fulfill his requirements. She is coming from a rich family, the only daughter and you know the drill. Parents who don’t spend much time with their children because too busy with money. To my surprise, she is not spoiled nor whiny. *claps* Carter Clynes is a pilot, a playboy pilot . Women throw themselves at him, he doesn’t have to beg or ask. His co-workers happily volunteered to be his bed companion. Despite him living the life, got $$$ and the looks. And also women throw themselves at him. He has a sad past that affects him badly. Carter Clynes, *coughs* forgive me, I mean Captain Carter Clynes is a sweetheart. Come on his co-workers blissfully volunteered themselves.

“That’s Captain Clynes for you. A little crazy, but a whole lot gorgeous and fun.”
“The other flight attended alluded him being fun”
“I’m sure there are a lot of flight attendants who would tell you how much fun he is”


I’m so in love with this book!!!! This is my first book about Pilot and I freaking loveeee it! I actually started reading this book during my lecture class. Untill the lecture ended and I was still reading it *Wohoo! Proud!* But yeah, guilty because not a good attitude. But heyyy! You can’t blame me because this book is hella addictive!


Kendall Perky Sparks

In short :
– Perky is a nickname given by Carter
– Born in Dallas, Texas
– Only child
– 24 years old
– Blond hair and Aqua eyes

She is on a journey to discover herself, to find answers, to find solutions. There she met Carter Clynes.

Will her priority change after she met Carter?
Is Carter the one or is he just a part of her journey?

“Sometimes the things we hold onto the tighest are the things we most need to set free”


Carter Clynes

In short :
– Nicknames : Trip, Captain BigCock HAHAHAH! THIS NICKNAME WON ME , Triple C (Stands for Captain Carter Clynes)
– 29 years old
– 3 siblings
– Pilot
– Likes challenges

He is your womanizer hero, all the ladies worship him *Cause he’s hot, good in bed, so why not*, no strings attached kind of guy, a flirty, horny man. I know what you think “Our typical playboy with looks” Come on ladies, I know you ladies like it? Cause I do 😉

He might have been a womanizer– stewardess fucker– but he was damn smooth . . . and sweet

Anyway, he is not just a man with looks, a womanizer to be specific. But he is also a very sweet and kind man. Not just he is doing his best to make Kendall happy but also the old people. Such a sweetheart!

“Okay, but if you start to feel like you need me, just tell me. I’ll be there in a matter of hours.”

If Carter can fly a plane, what makes you think he can’t fly you? Okay that is actually an ugly sentence but I like it

“That’s a shame. I’ve been told I’m really good with my hands.” He held out his hands in front of him, examining them. Big hands.


Relationship development

Carter said it perfectly about their relationship

“This is crazy, right? Falling in love so fast? But I’m convinced that’s how it happens when it’s the real thing. You just know when it feels right. Kendall, you make me so incredibly happy. And while ideally, I’d want you all to myself for a while, I understand that loving someone also means taking their needs into consideration.”

Honestly I’m not a fan of ‘falling in love so fast’ BUT it depends, depends on the authors. If the authors wrote it perfectly then I will accept it with my whole heart. Completely agree. In this case, I truly accept it with my whole heart. Because I’m enjoying it so much, so much and very much.


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