Review : Tangled by Emma Chase


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Tangled was Goodreads Choice Award Winner for Debut goodreads author


Goodreads rating I give for this book : 5 stars

HEA? You can click this link if you want to know if its HEA or not ->  Tangled by Emma Chase

 Praise for Emma Chase

“Emma Chase will keep you enthralled and captivated. A brilliant 5-star read!!!!”
– Neda, The Subclub Books

“A 5-heart read. It’s perfection in a book. RAWR hot, hilariously funny and a romance so good you won’t want it to end”
– Tamie & Elena, Bookish Temptations

Can I read this book as a standalone?

Nope, this book is a series

Tangled (Tangled, #1) by Emma Chase = First book in the series about Drew and Kate
Twisted (Tangled, #2) by Emma Chase = Second book in the series about Drew and Kate
Tamed (Tangled, #3) by Emma Chase = Third book in the series about Matthew and Dee Dee
Tied (Tangled, #4) by Emma Chase = Fourth book in the series about Drew and Kate

Major keywords for Tangled Assumptions, misunderstanding and fight for who you love

Assumptions and misunderstanding

“They have the unique ability to listen to one story and understand another.”
– Pandora Poikilos, Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out

Fight for who you love

“If you love her. If you want her to stay. Fight for her.”
– Janet Gurtler The Truth About Us

Tangled is told from Drew Evans POV; the hero of this book.

I find this book very > amusing, charismatic, fanciful and educational

Actions win wars. Actions heal wounds. Not words. Words are cheap – Drew Evans


Here is why I said this book is amusing, charismatic, fanciful and educational:


I laughed a lot. Really a lot. I find myself smiling and laughing more than I should.

She stands and leans over my desk to pass me a folder. I’m assailed with a sweet but flowery scent. It’s delectable, alluring — not like the grandma whose perfume practically chokes you to death when she walks by you at the post office.

Drew Evans is many things; assholes, ambitious, genius, gregarious, persistent, witty, charismatic, arrogant, flamboyant, attractive and determined. Drew knows his way with words and sometimes he describes them vividly. Tangled is Drew’s journey on finding himself falling in love, in which he believes he wouldn’t. Tangled is very interactive, Drew is making a conversation with readers, us. It feels like we are there listening to him talk about his life, how he became from a playboy to a one-man-lover. How he became a real man. How he cope with all the storms, earthquake and natural disasters that attacked him. And how he fights for what he wants.

The only part she doesn’t get, though, is that sometimes a guy can’t become a man until he’s met the right person


You see the reason why I said this book is educational because it is filled with advice! The advice are everywhere! From how I see it, Drew made a lot of mistakes in Tangled since this book is interactive, he gave us advice based on his experienced (The mistake he learned). Whenever he acts like this or that, he gives out his points why he acted like that. That made me unable to fight and just agree with him (Cause he’s right? His points are always critical to me)

Assume nothing. Even if you think you know everything. Even if you’re sure that you’re right. Get confirmation. The whole “ass” cliche about assuming? It’s right on the money. And if you’re not careful, it could end up costing you the best thing that’s ever going to happen to you


Katherine “Kate” Brooks

A beautiful girl who just got employed at Drew’s company. A girl who is fiercely loyal and not picky. She prefers quality over quantity. Doesn’t matter if you bought her a small diamond ring that is not expensive. What matters to her is the effort. She is somewhat a female version of Drew Evans except for being a player. Both characters are ambitious, determined, smart and driven.

“But I don’t need a white knight,” she goes on. “I’m a big girl, and I can certainly handle whatever your father may dish out. We’ll talk to him together on Monday morning. Agreed?”


Drew Evans

A rich man who doesn’t want to do permanent cause he does not believe in love. A sexy man with strong traits, he is determined, controlled and ambitious. He has his way with words, he just know how to response, a smart mouth.

“For those ladies out there who are listening, let me give you some free advice: If a guy who you just met at a club calls you baby, sweetheart, angel, or any other generic endearment? Don’t make the mistake of thinking he’s so into you, he’s already thinking up pet names.

It’s because he can’t or doesn’t care to remember your actual name.”



Happy reading guys! 🙂


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