Review : Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren


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This book healed my wounded heart. I was still frustrated with the previous book (Not by Christina Lauren) I went crazy cause UGH!! The book haunted me up till I decided to choose this book as a medicine to heal my damaged soul After reading this book I’M FINALLY ALIVE!

I’m so draaaamaatic



Goodreads rating I give for this book : 5 stars

HEA? You can click this link if you want to know if its HEA or not -> Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren

 Praise for Christina Lauren

“Like Brit hero Niall, Beautiful Secret is bloody freakin’ hot.”
– Joyce Lamb, USA Today’s Happy Ever After

“Wonderful, scorching sex. Play-hooky-from-work sex. Let’s-hide-over-here-and-hurry-so-we-don’t-get-caught sex.”
– Heroes and Heartbreakers


Can I read this book as a standalone?

This book can be read as a standalone

Major keywords for Beautiful Secret True love, patience, understanding and commitment

 “What's meant to be will always find a way”

– Trisha Yearwood

This book is told from two POVs; Ruby and Niall. We get to see and know what each others think 😉

Beautiful Secret is filled with humors, I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing at Ruby’s boldness and Niall’s flirty side. And also the major characters from previous books made their comeback and entrance in this book like a nuclear.

“Good God,” Bennett muttered, wiping his palm down his face. “No one is even talking about fucking. It’s one party.”
“Wait,” Will said, shaking his head. “George, you’re a top ?”
Groaning, Max said, “For the love of God, William, stop talking”


I’m a fan of lovers who get to know each other first before they unravel each others body and start their sexcapades. Niall wanted to take things slow, he truly believes in love, passion and affection before moving to their making love sessions

Big bonus for me, I grew up believing it. And Niall said it perfectly.

“No sex, you mean”
Looking into her eyes, I nodded. “I’m old-fashioned, I realize, but that’s something I do want to do only when I’m in love”

Most people said this book is slow-paced. Please note that I hate slow paced book. But this book is an exception. Honestly, I actually don’t feel it was slow paced? because the story unravels so much about the characters and I was intrigued. “Oh I see, now I know” to make us understand the characters and create an unbreakable bonds with the characters. YES IM ATTACHED WITH NIALL STELLA!

Ruby Miller

– She is an engineer, a very smart girl who wants to study under Maggie Sheffields.
– She is doing her internship at Richardson-Corbett
– She is working her ass off cause she doesn’t want to lose her spot at Oxford
– Straightforward, patience and understanding
– A beauty All legs, great tits said Anthony
– Crushing over Niall Stella since forever

“For some reason I was unable to call him by his only given name. Niall Stella was a two man honor. Like Prince Harry or Jesus Christ.”


Niall Stella

Number of times my vajayjay turned to a waterfall = Infinite

Oh Niall, he is:

– Recently divorced
– 6 ft 7 Bloody hell David Gandy (Model) is 6 ft 3 God Bless
– Hot, humble, gentleman, firecely loyal, killer body (How can he be so perfect???)
– Brit, wait… Actually a sexy Brit
– Driven, focused, professional and genius

He is nothing like Max Stella. The complete opposite I’d say. In terms of personalities. Both are ridiculously hot btw.

” I leaned against the desk, watching her. Loving seeing her in my room, on this bed, so easy and comfortable in this role as . . . girlfriend


Something to be proud of:

“You went to Cambridge for undergraduate, Oxford for graduate school, and were the youngest executive in the history of the Tube.”



Do I love the ending? Does it fit my preference of a book?
YES! Totally worth it! 🙂


 “Some things are destined to be -- 
it just takes us a couple of tries
to get there.”

– J.R. Ward




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