Review : Beautiful Bitch by Christina Lauren


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Rate : 5 STARS

Beautiful Bitch comes after Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard is the first installment #1). It is a novella more like the ‘Beautiful Bastard’ mini series, Beautiful Bitch is the #1.5
Beautiful Bastard
Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard, #1) by Christina Lauren

 This story is still about Bennett and Chloe
 and the story definitely connects; 
focuses more on their relationship struggles

This book of course caught my heart. I shrieked a lot, legit.

Bennett Ryan is your millionaire hero in this novel and he is the boss, of course he has a lot of meetings to do, projects and etc. We get to see his sweet-loving-affectionate side here, he is definitely lovely *Hands down*

I read Beautiful Stranger (Second installment #2) after Beautiful Bastard (First installment #1), leaving behind Beautiful Bitch (Continuation of Beautiful Bastard #1.5). And I regret not reading Beautiful Bitch first cause I missed the whole sweet side of Bennett. The moment I read Beautiful Stranger I was like “Oh gerd Max is hella sweet, I like him more, mucch moreeee” then I read Beautiful Bitch “Shit, Im loving Bennett more, nuf said”. Okay, I’m rambling, I shall go back to where I started.

Bennett is not okay with his and Chloe schedules as it leaves them no time to be together, Bennett is totally not okay. He missed her.

“I groaned as I realized I had no idea when we would ever have such a lazy night together again, and I picked up my phone.

Lunch? I texted.
Can’t, Chloe replied. Meeting with Douglas from noon to three. Shoot me.”

Chloe is your hard-working heroine, taking no BS from you. She is committed with her work, tough woman, very independent. She realized she and Bennett are busy with their work and having less time together. She missed him.

I’d been blindsided by how hard I’d fallen for him, and lately I missed him so much when he was gone. Sometimes I’d talk to my empty bedroom. “How was your day?” I’d ask. “My new assistant is hilarious,” I’d say. Or: “Has my apartment always been this quiet?”

Even myself, why is the world turning against you both?


I closed my eyes. “The universe is conspiring against us.”

Bennett had decided, they need a vacation. Yes vacation. Alone time together. That’s a must.

This book focuses on their struggles to be together, the process of trying to find time to be together. Because both are busy with their works and committed to it but they want to spend more time together as well. You see the struggle there? The answer is vacation. Another bonus of this book as usual the fun-humor-playfulness element. I was undeniably entertained, I laughed, giggled, shrieked and much more.

Grab the book now! Its a fun and light read 🙂


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