Review : Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren


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HEA? You can click this link if you want to know if its HEA or not -> Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Player is the third installment of 
Beautiful Bastard series. 
It is about Will Sumner and Hanna Bergstrom 

In this novel you will see a lot of:
– Bennett and Chloe (From the first installment of Beautiful Bastard)
– Max and Sara (From the second installment of Beautiful Bastard which is Beautiful Stranger)

  Review time! 


Members in the family called her Ziggy. She is a very straightforward, no verbal filter and open-minded kind of a girl

He tilted his head, studying me from a different angle. “Your boobs look different”

“Don’t they look awesome?” I took one in each hand.

She is very intelligent but lack in social-life (She is neglecting her social life) Ziggy is a hardcore workaholic. This is where Will Sumner comes in.


He is your typical rich playboy; he has a deep voice, long and lean torso that could go on forever. Hanna describes him as the “Bad boy genius”. Don’t forget he is your 31 year old wealthy playboy.

Sara laughed. “Will saw a woman this morning? Why is this news?”

Bennett held up his hand. “Wait isn’t tonight Kitty? And you had another date this morning?” He sipped his gimlet, eyeing me.

Jensen who is Hanna’s big brother is a close friend of Will Sumner. He needed help from Will to guide Hanna with her social life.

“Isn’t that why I’m here? Big-brothering — getting you out of your routine kind of thing?”


The story is about Hanna who is genius, smart, intelligent. She works as a scientist for vaccine which is a high profile operation. She may be good with her job, but she is too focused with her career that she is neglecting her social life. Party? Meh. Date? Meh. Work for hours and hours? Sure. I bet you imagine her as an ugly woman. No you are wrong. Hanna is a pretty woman with curves, long limbs, gray eyes, light brown hair and freckles. She is a pretty hot scientist. Sexy? I know. And Will, of course we met him in Beautiful Stranger, he is a close friend of Max Stella. Well Will? He is wealthy! Sexy and hot! What else can I say about this guy, he has everything. Women want him, good for Will because at the mean time he doesn’t want to settle down (Not ready yet, not yet the time). He met Hanna before but that was years ago, when Will was around 17-19 and now he is 31. The moment he met Hanna after years not seeing her, and getting to know her. Will started to change in terms of his view of ‘Not wanting to settle down’.

Will is helping Hanna with her social life; party, date and etc. They grew closer and closer. After he met

Ignoring his obvious attempt to rile me, I stared at the text reading it again, and again. I knew I was the only person who regularly texted Hanna, and I hadn’t sent her anything all night. Was it possible she was checking her phone as obsessively as I’d been checking mine?

Their relationship progress is beautiful for me, it is not “Love at first sight”. It is about them getting closer to each other and learn each other’s personality. Being comfortable with one another. It is like a portrayal of love through personality? (Excluding the sexual sexcapades). In every relationships misunderstanding is a common factor. In Beautiful Player, we have it too. I can relate to Hanna’s action (view spoiler).

This book is enjoyable and funny, I kid you not. Will always have meet ups with his friends, Max and Bennett. When these three sexy wealthy men meet. They are so funny especially Max who always try to piss Will off.

I groaned, resting my head on my hand.

“You got your period?” Bennett asked. “Congratulations.”

“No, you twat,” Max said laughing. “I’m talking about Will. He’s gone arse over tits for a girl.”

A loud slap sounded in the background and I imagined Bennett’s desk had just received a very enthusiastic high-five. “Fantastic! Does he look miserable?”

  The ending 

HEA or no?

Wanna know the ending? Go to my Goodreads : Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren


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