Review : Sometimes it lasts by Abbi Glines


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Rate : 5 STARS

HEA? You can click this link if you want to know if its HEA or not -> Sometimes it lasts by Abbi Glines

Position : The fifth Installment of the Sea Breeze series (You don’t have to read it in order except for this part, this is the second book of ‘While it lasts’ -> The 3rd installment of the Sea Breeze series)

This is the sequel(second book) of While it lasts! 🙂

It is true love conquers all. Cage and Eva are so in love with each other. But do they trust each other enough?

The moment I have this book


Because…. I had to wait for another month for this book to reach me


I WAS CAPTIVATED! LURED INTO THEIR WORLD AND ILoved it! Every moments spent, I cherished it.

Review time!

Okay, so, I’m not a fan of books that tell story of their pasts before getting to the current situation

But this book is an EXCEPTION!

The moment I read, oh my the prologue itself is a current situation. Then it brings you to the past of how it all happened. In the middle of the story, it brings you back to the current situation.



…….. “Now here I stood again. I was expected to talk. To say something about the man in front of me. The one I’d trusted with my life. The one I’d clung to and wept on when I’d found out I was going to be (view spoiler) The one I’d known would never choose to leave me. He was now gone.

My heart was


Even the prologue itself has the ability to make me all teary. I don’t know who “He” is (yet) but I was totally drawn by her strong speech. I was crying (Or was I being too emotional?) But after reading I know who “He” is, dont wana spoil it you hahaha.

It started off with Cage, 7 months ago.

Cage York

He is your :
– Bad boy
– Hot bad boy
– Ridiculously sweet bad boy
– Baseball player bad boy

He is your bad boy that has piercings, blue eyes, who plays baseball, hot body (Of course!)


“Not once, Eva. Not fucking once have I wanted anyone but you since the moment I walked onto that porch out there and laid eyes on you. It’s been you ever since.”

And also,

Willing to anything for Eva and being so protective in a lovely way heheh

“I would let her. I’d just be her fucking shadow and scowl at anyone who looked her way.”


Don’t you just love Cage?

I have to be honest, this book is the second book after the Chances dualogy by Abbi Glines (Take a chance and One more chance) that make me cry NON-STOP! I could have sworn I cried every few pages, I couldn’t stop crying until the end. There will always be scenes that are so heartbreaking and you are just like “I can’t do this. I can’t read this. This is too much. I need time. I need to breathe” I had to stop reading few seconds whenever I cried because I needed clear eyes to read and a stable breathing situation. There were times I was lying in bed + reading + crying = I drowned myself and choked myself with my own tears. I ended up coughing so hard to the point my brother asked if I was okay #Truestory

[image error]

The moment the story goes back to the current situation

I was crying even more because it was too emotional. You go read then you will understand why am I crying.

The story is not focusing on their educations, social reputations, their beauty, wealth. None of those, crossed it out. It mainly focus upon their love and affection. As their relationship is long distance relationship. Cage was offered with baseball full time scholarship and Eva must stay at home to take care of her sick father. Of course, knowing Cage, his love towards Eva is sincere and unshakable. He visited Eva whenever he is free “PRIORITY HELLO!”

What’s gonna against them if their love towards each other is unbreakable?

Trust could kill you.

No, this story is not about Eva’s father
No, this story is not about Jeremy and Eva
No, this story is not about Cage and Low
No, this story is not about Eva struggles towards taking care of his father and the land
No, this story is not about Cage getting the scholarship
Just no

What is so beautiful is that this story is about Eva and Cage trusting one another with their long distance relationship. Its about how they overcome their obstacles. How they stay strong. Its about trust. Because that is what love is about.Trust

[image error]


And of course priority, if a person loves you they make you their first priority right?

What will Cage choose, Eva or Baseball?






Wanna know the ending? Go to my Goodreads : Sometimes it lasts by Abbi Glines


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