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Rate : 5 STARS

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Position : 2nd Installment of the Beautiful series by Christina Lauren


Take. A. Deep. Breath

At first I was so eager to read it then my interest started to die. Then I got interested again once I read the blurb *Facepalms* *Cause He is Britain* *Coughs*


Okay Okay I got it

Sara Dilon is your female lead character and Max Stella is your male lead character

Sara Dilon is a beauty. She moved from Chicago to New York to leave her past behind, a cheating ex . Who wouldn’t right?? After being together for 6 years but only to find out your feelings toward him wasn’t “that mutual”? If I were her I’d kill the man honestly. She is feeling down in the dumps. After being treated like crap she wants to put her past behind and move on BE HAPPY! Is that possible?

Yes! If you have an unexpected encounter with a sexy Brit at a dance club, Max Stella . Max Stella is your Page Six guy, he is the Who’s Who of the city . George (Sara’s assitant) describes Max as “Brilliant VC mastermind always fucking some hot celebrity or trust fund princess. Different flavor of arm candy every week. La la la.” Yeah, he is your high-profile venture capitalist. He is not your typical millionaire jerk man. He is straightforward, not playing with your feelings.

Their first encounter I meant *Ehem* the sex thing, was not rough? Usually millionaire playboy would fcked women like they bought them or even like they are an object. But with Max, I find the scene as soft? IN WHICH I LOVED IT OF COURSE! Because it is so refreshing for me to read. I was definitly amazed as it shows little bit of Max’s personalityTender, not dangerous *Fansself*

Around page 64, MyGod Max is so not your typical playboy douchebag. When he saw Sara, he wasn’t thinking about the sexual desires/fantasies he could do to her lips or body. But instead, describing her beautifully. (Where can I find rich men like him??)

I’m talking a lot about Max right? I’m #TeamMax
If I were given the chance to choose between Bennett and Max, I’d choose Max on the spot! I love Bennett too. Then again, Max is so much more!!


Page 102 (Funny shiz for me!) God I was laughing good lord!“Easy, mate. Let’s get her inside before we ravage her” Max talking to his *Downthere* *Ehem*

I’m still stunned (In a good way) by this book. It is so good,Too good to be true. I’m so in love with this book. I can’t stop thinking about it, like ever

We can still see Bennett and Chloe here, quite a few. Which is fun as we can still see the progress between Bennett and Chloe. Sorry guys, it just that I’m in the twilight zone, happy zone, high zone after reading this. I can’t put it into words.

There is also a scene where Max is so giddy to ask Sara to join them for a drink. Yes, Max rugby friends. Max is like a little boy who just got a new toy awwww.

You know what, grab this book and read it. I recommend you read it now!!!!!!

The Ending

Wanna know the ending? Go to my Goodreads : Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren


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