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Rate : 4 STARS

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Second Installment of the Stage Drive Series

I must say this book is much better than the first one!

Before that I wanna thank Tricia who recommended me the Stage Dive series. Thank you so much!

I first read Lick and It was an okay for me



WAIT! Don’t go just yet


I decided to give the second book which is Play another chance. Since the first book wasn’t that bad



I liked the second book much more, so much more

Reasons why I prefer this than the first one are because


Mal is so funny! I kid you not
The storyline/plot is easy to understand, easy to blend in, easy to catch on
I get to see (Ev and Davie here! PS : I’m a sucker for characters that still appear, idk how to say it but you get what I mean right?)

Mal Ericson, drummer for the world famous rock band Stage Dive….. Mal doesn’t plan on this temporary fix becoming permanent, but he didn’t count on finding the one right girl.

Of course we have the famous-bad-boy meets the good-girl-with-major-responsibility. Mal is a guy who is carefree, witty, playful, entertaining, cheerful, teaser and can be childish at times. With all those actions? Resulting him being a cute guy.

Mal acting all sweet

“You’re my girl. You gotta know that.”

Mal wants to be the best of the best

“Nice enough?” he asked, tendons tightening in his neck like he intended to Hulk out on me. “Did you just call my kiss ‘nice enough’?”

Mal acting all possessive and funny at the same time

“I know, I know. He’s nothing compared to my magnificence.” His fingers stroked mine and his eyes softened. “But just out of curiosity, how do you feel about getting my name tattooed on your forehead?”

[image error]

This book could have gotten 5 stars but I gave 4 due to, to me the climax wasn’t that climax. It would be a great climax if only it was prolong for a little bit.

But it was a good read! I had fun reading I kept on swearing cause it was too damn funny. Mal talked without filtering the filth, he just talked what was in his head.

As for Anne Rollins, she is your female lead character that has a messy family background (But I wasn’t that heavily emphasized). She had a job at a bookstore to keep her alive (Paying the bills, food). She loved her little sister dearly, which she really took good care of her.

The real question is will this fake relationship last without anyone getting hurt?


Characters :

Mal Ericson – Male lead character (Drummer of Stage Dive)
Anne Rollins – The female lead character
Reece – Anne’s male friend who works with her at the bookstore
David Ferris – Lead guitarist married to Eva (He has his own story “Play by Kylie Scott”)
Jimmy Ferris – Singer (He has his own story “Lead”)
Lizzy Rollins – Lil sister of Anne Rollins
Ben – Bass guitarist (He has his own story “Deep”)
Lena – Jimmy’s assisstant
Nate – Eva big brother who is dating Lauren
Lauren – Eva’s former roomate
Eva Ferris – Friends with Anne and also the wife of David
Lori Ericson – Mal’s mother
Neil Ericson – Mal’s father
Ainslie – She had her short appearance nothing much
Skye – Only mentioned but never appeared



Wanna know the ending? Go to my Goodreads : Play by Kylie Scott



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