Review : On Dublin Street by Samantha Young


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On Dublin Street

Rate : 4+ stars!

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Recommend : Yes 

I read this book because most people told me it is a good book, and the reviews that I read were so great and gave me these nasty feelings of wanting to read this book. So I followed my feelings


The book didn’t highly reach my satisfactions. The reviews were so great like ‘AMAZING’ then when I read it, ‘this is not what the reviews said.’ Nevertheless, I still don’t regret on reading this book. It was sexy, hot, heart-wrenching, shocking and many elements. It just that the elements didn’t surprise that much.



This story is about Jocelyn Butler the main character and the heroin of this story, preferred to be called as ‘Joss’ left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief ignoring her demons and forging ahead without attachments. And our next hot main character who is a ‘man’ is used to getting what he wants, and he’s determined to get Jocelyn into his bed , our bastard hero name is Braden Carmichael. (Personally, I love his last name, so sexy). During their first meeting was ‘Inappropriate’. I really cannot tell you guys! I feel like doing ‘(view spoiler)’ but then I want you guys to be ‘oooh’ ‘ahhh’ except for the ending though 😛

You know it is an impossible mission for me to review without spilling out the spoilers. Gosh! I’m so helpless. But I’ll try, then again, it is IMPOSSIBRU! TRY TRY! As the story goes, there were lots of exciting events! Huhuhu, I love Braden.

There were lots of kiss-sex scenes. There were also funny and heart-wrenching moments. Okay I wanna talk about heart-wrenching. I didn’t quite like the heart-wrenching moments because of Joss (Possibility) Lets just say, when there’s a bitter moment, Joss is heartbroken, then after that she forgave him like ‘This is why I can’t resist him’ I just don’t like that. I like when the heart-wrenching moments are pro-longed so we can feel the painful even more! Since Samantha is the one who creates this ‘World’ of course she can do anything, it is her world She knows whats going to happen next, she is the god of her story because, again, shecreates the world It would be much better, if the heart-wrenching moments were prolonged, Joss didn’t forgive him that easily, of course, because she doesn’t know the truth, right? Then again, Samantha knows. And that, the story will be bitter-sweet romance. I don’t know why am I criticizing this, maybe because I’m heartbroken right now.

In this book, there were lots of mysteries and suspense! Like who is Braden ? Curious right? Right. I liked how Samantha gave the element of surprise in this book. I was ‘Ahhhh-ing’ a lot. ‘I didn’t see that coming, totally’.

My Fav scenes
• The club (Ellie, Adam, and Joss attend Braden’s party or just going to his club)
• When Craig flirting with Joss, and Braden was THERE!
• Any heart-wrenching moments (that involved Joss and Braden, not her family)

I guess I’m a sucker for heart-wrenching moments!

Overall, still a good read, just the heart-wrenching part. Others are great 


Joss- The heroin
Braden- Hot Hero, rich, playboy
Ellie- Braden’s younger sister, nice
Adam – Braden’s friend (view spoiler)
Elodie – Ellie’s Mom
Clark – Ellie’s father
Hannah – Ellie’s sis
Declan – Ellie’s brother
Sara – The new manager
Holly – Braden’s ex
Craig- pg 154
Alistair – Joss’ friend
Gavin – Trainer
Analise – DON’T YOUR DARE CLICK! DON’T BLAME ME(view spoiler)
Ed – Braden’s friend
Jenna – Braden’s friend
Ted – Teddy Bear
Beth- Joss’s sis
Vicky- Ugh!
Aileen- I forgot
Dr.Pritchard- Therapist
James- Rhian’s lover and Joss’ friend
Rhian- Joss’ Friend
Jo- Joss’ friend
Dru- Joss’ friend
Kyle- Joss’ friend


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