Review : Better than perfect by Simone Elkeles


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Rate : 3 STARS

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Simone Elkeles, why?descriptionI have always been your number 1 fan! I have always loved your books! I truly believe you will never disappoint me. Good lord only God knows how much I’m in love with Perfect Chemistry because of you I’m addicted to reading books and I believe every authors out there as great as you. I’m hooked! To me you will always be the best b-… b-ut…


Perhaps maybe I have high expectation on you. OF COURSE! Because you are my favorite author! I’ve been debating myself “How should I rate this book? High or low? But I love Simone Elkeles but this book didn’t live up to my expectation and I’m hurt…

When I first knew she was about to publish another book I was excited! Damn could even say I felt like I just got a plan ticket to heaven. I have been waiting and waiting and I finally got this book. And I was “What happened?”

Honestly, the characters are not bad, I still love how Simone Elkeles knows how to be frank, sarcastic, witty and all those positive elements. However, what made this book *Cries* due to I cannot feel the spark, the love between Derek and Ashtyn. Something was lacking definitely and the pace of their love was sort of slow and abrupt. But on the bright side I’m definitely in love with Derek Fitzpatrick, he sure knows what to say and I love his witty/sarcastic comments.


Wanna know the ending? Go to my Goodreads : Better than perfect by Simone Elkeles

It was an okay book nevertheless. BUT! if there were to be a continuation of Ashtyn and Derek I would love to read it! Because I need to more, something is left hanging!!


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