Review : When You’re back by Abbi Glines



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Rate : 5 stars

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*Fans self*

One heeelllll of a ride!!


I suggest everyone to read this, no kidding. This book is aturn on Not because of the sexual tension, but due to all the things that try separate them but they fought together. Can I find a man like Mase? He is none like Rush, Woods, Grant who are known to be Rosemary Beach’s Man whores but HOLD UP! All those guys are dirty before they met the right ones. And Mase, oh dear, he is different. He Pheew sexy Texan! I love these characters, Mase, Reese and the Rosemary packages!

Reese oh dear Lord I really do love her!! It is so refreshing to read a book with this kind of character. So far Reese is my most favorite character for Rosemary’s females!



(Above is Marlon Teixeira)

This man could be another legit definition of sexy, loyalty, love and sex god ( Dear Lord, I love his personality no kidding)

He is not a man whore that sleeps around with different women every single night. He is not like that. Once he laid his eyes on Reese, he is dead He wants her, he loves her so much

He is a very loving brother of Harlow, Harlow appears in this book quite a few! His personality is the best! He works hard, his first priority is Reese, he listens to his mother, he earns his own money, he is not a player. Man this Mase should exists in this world

None of that was happening, and hearing her even mention it pissed me off. “Not me. This isn’t me. I don’t give up. I’d never give up on her.”



As usual she is my sweetheart. She is my perfection. Everything she does is understandable. Come on, all this time she was warped with her fucked up past. And she is new to love, do you expect her to know? No she does no. She didn’t do anything wrong though, she is a sweetheart, she reminds me of Harlow. She doesn’t fight back just like Harlow but very unlikely to be Blaire (She is feisty in a nice way, my fav female character as well)


This man is clown! He is very funny for me, really. He makes me laugh like shitloads! This man has no morals seriously, which makes him funnier.

My fav quote from him one hella crazy

Reese has the body of a porn star, Aida. You have the body of a model. Women want your body. Men want Reese’s.”


YES! We do get to read his POV!! There’s a surprise element in this book about Captain. Do you really think Captain as man as he portrayed to be? That is the question. And this book will show you a side of him. No kidding, I died when I read his POV. I was like “Oh God Oh God Oh God” I was being religious for the whole scene during Captain’s POV.


Nick Bateman everybody! But rumor has it he is going to play as Miles for “Ugly Love” What a hottie *Fansself*


As usual every books has crazy mystery, in this book it has this WTF kind of mystery, no kidding. I was in complete shocked when I read this book. It was a good kind of shocked.

The Ending

Wanna know the ending? Go to my Goodreads : When you’re back by Abbi Glines


YASS! The epilogue REVEALS things!!!!! It was oddly satisfying. I was “KNEW IT! OH YASS!”

Go go go grab and read now!!


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