Review : When I’m gone by Abbi Glines


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“I’ll be waiting. I’ll wait forever if I have to.”

This book is pure ATOMIC BOMB

It is rich in


When I’m gone is a beautiful story with a beautiful plot. It is so refreshing because this is the first book I’ve ever read(view spoiler) It is so new and refreshing to me and I like it even better as it makes the story more realistic. Because nobody is perfect and When I’m gone indirectly tells you something which is (view spoiler)

The prologue is definitely intense, I was “OH MY GOD!” it is so realistic because it happened surrounding us we just deny it. Never did I ever read book that has an intense prologue as well as so realistic and well written. It brings out what this book will be about and how the characters gonna be like and how they will handle it.

The moment I first read the very first chapter it got me HOOKED. The storyline for When I’m Gone is well written and very very beautiful. I just cannot put it down. The story is about patience and dark past. And it leads us back to trustBecause I loved this man


I had trusted him
Everything in my body went numb. Except for my heart, which had ruptured in my chest

It led to trust. Trust; Once earned keep it. Once destroyed life ruined.

Whats the point if there is no climax/suspence/mystery in a story, right?


Fucking hell. What was that noise? I peeled my eyes open as sleep slowly faded from my brain and I registered what had woken me up
A vacuum? And . . . singing? What the fuck?

A definite beautiful opening story

Mase is a very nice man, he is a caveman he admits it too. He is very protective of what he loved, sister, mother and now Reese. He is a very patient man, he does not force everything but instead he takes things slow and just be patient. He is the jealous type, caveman, so Rosemary Beach kind of guy (But we do readers love their personalities!)


As for Reese, I really do love her. It is so refreshing to read book that is so new to me (view spoiler) Because of that, this book is refreshing, a new adventure for me. She is new to love (Which is so cute and I pity her at some point. Which makes me love Reese even more) She is insecure of her body at some point. ONE POINT RISES UP! She is new to love and insecure make this story even more realistic because nobody’s perfect right? And that makes her our species aka women. Abbi Glines writes her story well. Her dark pasts what torn her now, she has Mase to change that.

But question is trust, is she willing to tell the truth to him? Once Mase knew, will he accepts it?

Jimmy, what can I say about him? He is so lovely! There is nothing bad about him, he has this witty personality and very sweet. I’d kill to have a friend like him

And our final contestant, Nan! (We love her, not) Despite her non-stop bitching, we love to read Rosemary Beach because of her. Don’t deny readers, she IS the drama that make us go “UGH” “YOU” “WTF” “STOP BITCH”. Without her I’m not sure how will the story goes, she makes the story interesting. She is the causes of pains, because of her, heroes of Rosemary beach come to save their women. Glad she exist tho we wished “Go die already!” but thanks to her non stop bitching and causing problems Rosemary beach is one hell of a ride fun book to read.


“Every step I’ve taken in life has led me to you,” she said in a whisper. “And because I’m here now, I don’t regret one thing. For every bad thing that happened, I’ve been rewarded something even more beautiful than all of the bad in return. You made it worth it. You’re my gift in life. I lived through the bad and survived. My reward was that God gave me you.”


Such a beautiful story isn’t it? Indeed

The Ending

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