Review : The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst


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The Marriage Bargain


Loyalty, intelligence and humor – a recipe for the perfect man – quite literally, as Alexa is making a potion to summon herself a knight in shining armor, impulsive bookshop owner Alexa is willing to try anything in order to save her family home. But has she inadvertently summoned to the devil?

Handsome billionaire Nicholas Ryan, brother of Alexa’s best friend, and the man who once shattered Alexa’s heart suddenly reappears in her life. When he learns of Alexa’s troubles he sees a way to help her, whilst also helping himself…

In order to inherit his father’s corporation, Nick must marry, and remain married for at least a year. This is his proposal to Alexa – marriage in name only, for one year, no entanglement and most importantly, no love… What could possibly go wrong?

After reading the synopsis I doubt myself. Is this the kind of book I want? Because it totally sounds so-not-my-type. I wonder how the story goes, will there any heart-wrenched moments? Because it is a marriage in name only. So I read all the reviews “Okay the reviewers are so into this book” hence I decided to give it a chance

Rate : 5 stars

HEA? You can click this link if you want to know if its HEA or not -> The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst


I finished this book JUST IN ONE FREAKING DAY Good lord! I’m blessed Come on guys, one freaking day? I can tell you guys are not convince yet? Lemme tell you


Things to do before reading this book :

Make sure you locked your room so none could enter/ed your room and ruin your glorious moments
Make sure you are “Free” no chores or something else
Have the motivation to read this book

RATE: 5 STARS! It deserves better than 5!



The story is written in 3rd person such as “He,she or they” and it is alternative POV. You can see both POV (Nick and Alexa).


THIS BOOK IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I’VE EVER READ! I JUST FINISHED THIS BOOK IN A DAY! I don’t want it to end *Crying* I love Nick, he is so hot so so so Everything

“How did business go? Were you successful tonight? “

He made another weird noise. “Not as successful as you, I guess”
This story involved with these two characters Alexa; a butterflying strong character, kind, I cannot describe her, she is so LOVABLE and Nick; a damned character yet LOVABLE (Kind of remind me of Deuce from ‘Undeniable’ and Christian Grey ‘Fifty Shades’ I don’t know why they remind me of him. Maybe because of Deuce ‘Damned character’ and Christian’s wealth)

Alexa is my top fav female character. Her character is very rare to me. It is indeedly rare for me to give a high praise on female’s character. So congratulations Jennifer Probst!! She is not like Anastasia Steele. Though both shared the same taste of liking books and marrying ‘Damned’ & rich bastard billionaires. I seriously like Alexa. Goodness! She is very hard to find! As for Nick, he is hot as hell! He has this controlling attitude and ‘hidden’ and ‘unconscious’ jealousy like Christian. Nick of course is already in the list

‘Boyfriends-on-the-line’ He is hot! He has this freaking HOT CHARACTER!

Alexa had known Nick for decades; since they were kids. One incident made her hate Nick till she grew up. To inherit the money of Nick’s father, he must get married with someone whom he can trust. Alexa is in need of money to save her family’s home. Both are in urgent to save their own life.

Top Fav scenes :
When Alexa and Nick discussed about the marriage conditions. (Page 35-62)
There you can see Alexa’s attitude. I’m sure you guys gonna like her. She knows what to do. She is very different, unlike other characters that are too ‘follow-your-heart-regret-later’. She knows what she is doing, very independent
They played poker. Nick is a cheater and Alexa is very determined to prove he cheated (Page 117-124)
Party! Elegant Party for rich and business people I’d say.(view spoiler)(Page 147-160)
This one is ‘Sort-of’ heart-wrenching, but still I LOVE ALEXA (view spoiler)(Page 244-250)
This one is funny. Nick is so bad being a dad. And a cute read. Taylor is a cute little girl! MyGod! Nick is suck being a dad! (Page 293-301)
Cannot tell you guys what it is all about. Read it by yourself! (Page 346-362)

“Nick, I –“
“Don’t tell me to stop”

When they were kissing, it was like the end of the world. Their first sex scene was epic. Both are thick-headed to admit they are in love with each other! I hate Jed Ryan, he is the worst dad and freaking influenced his son damn mind! I hate him! Because of him a damn FEUD STARTS! (view spoiler) You’ll know what I’m talking about after reading this.

The Ending

The ending reminded me of Slammed by Colleen Hoover.

Wanna know the ending? Go to my Goodreads : The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst


Alexa Mckenzie – 28 years old woman. Own a bookstore. Loves poetry
Jim Mckenzie – Alexa’s father
Maria Mckenzie – Alexa’s mother
Gina Mckenzie – Alexa’s sister-in-law, married to Lance
Lance Mckenzie – Alexa’s younger brother
Taylor Mckenzie – Alexa’s niece
Isabella & Genevieve Mckenzie – Alexa’s younger twin sisters
Nick Ryan – 30 years old man. Rich bastard! Married to Alexa
Maggie Ryan – Alexa’s best friend and a sister of Nick
Jed Ryan – Nick’s Damned father
Count Michael Conte – Rich Italian man. Chef.
Gabriella – Nick ex-gf. A supermodel. And still wanted to take Nick though she knew Nick is married. And mostly a B****. She didn’t appear much but still she succeed of pissing me off to the level of horror
Hyoshi Komo – Japanese. Rich as well


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