Review : Rush too far by Abbi Glines


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His real name is Micah Truitt

Micah Truitt



Never be ashamed to admit it


This is Rush’s story, Fallen too far was when it began but now it is according to his POV

Rush has earned every bit of his bad-boy reputation. The three-story beach house, luxury car, and line of girls begging for time between his sheets

But all of us know that Rush don’t do dates but he just fucked and tossed it away. He only cares for his step brother and sister, Grant and Nan. How about the rest of the world, atleast his mother? Nil.
He’s been taking care of Nan since he was a kid, because their mother is too busy socializing or who knows what she did behind closed doors? Rush has been given the most burdensome responsibility since he was kid, which is taking good care of his sister, Nan. And the place hes been letting all out, confiding, no secrets is Grant.

You got what you came here for, babe. You wanted me between your legs. You got it. Now I’m done,”

Until Blaire Wynn drives into town in her beat-up pickup truck with a pistol under her seat. The Alabama farm girl instantly captures Rush’s attention once he discovers that the angelic beauty is his new stepsister, but he vows to keep his distance. Even if she needs his help. Even if he craves her.

We are aware as well of this situation (If you already read Fallen too far). Here we get to know whats running inside Rush’s head! Do you ever wonder why he kept on saying “Stay away from”, “You don’t know me”, “Don’t get too close to me”. I’ve been wondering what is he thinking! Then Rush Too Far came and I read it. I finally understood why his actions were like this. We can feel his pain, his struggle. And of course, we get to see more Nan here to compare to Blaire’s story. After reading Rush Too Far, I felt like punching Nan in the face cause she is so selfish. Girl, you aint a kid no more, let your brother be happy.


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