Review : Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout



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One BIGGY question

How in the world did i miss this book?! I don’t even know it exist! Son of a biscuit!! I’m so happy i browsed the sites and found this!

5 Incredible Fat stars!


First Impression before buying this book ( Just checking on Goodreads)

This is so awesome


Second Impression before reading this book

Ugh i dont think this is gonna workout~


What really happens

OMG! OMG! HOW I WISH I COULD GIVE 10 STARS TO THIS AMAZING BOOK!! It was totally incredible, they way it was written, the plot, the characters! It was all DAMN PERFECT

Daemon Black

How i wish i could jump on him in a sexy way of course~ He is so my bad ass boyfriend. When i started reading this book, i’ve already fallen in love with Daemon, not just his looks or appearance but also his sexy attitude. He’s so damn worthy! He did everything to protect his family, even killing his friends by all means ( but i don’t think that ever happened yet or not gonna happen) He’s just your type of asshole boy~ It would be impossible if the readers didn’t fall for his attitude. Though he is an alien, but also yummy~ Okay im reviewing about his looks haha.

“Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.”


When i feel,read and thinking about Daemon





Katy Swartz im not sure bout her last name

She’s your female protagonist. She loves to read books and reviewing it. I always thought “could it be that miss Armentrout imagining herself as Katy?” I pushed that side away, cause i wanna be KATY! I wanna get kissed by Daemon

Dee Black

She wanted to be friends with ‘normal’ people. She’s kind and loyal. She had the characteristic of every friends should have.

Ash Thompson

What a complete bitch. I don’t really care about her opinions. I just want her dead

Rate :
Love – 10/10
Emotions – 10/10
Storyline/plot – 11/10
Characters – 10/10

The ending was great though this book hasn’t end yet~


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