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Feb 24

Stop giving bad reviews about this book! It hasnt published yet. We wont know. I’m a fan of Hush Hush, so deal with it!

29 October


Is she the one who supposed to be portraying Nora? I can’t picture her, like seriously! Drew Doyon is smokin’ hot. I agree the fact that Patch is Drew Doyon. Gosh he is so sexy! As for the girl well-um you know, i don’t know what to say….

December 17


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Just finished reading this book. Okay, first off, i’m crying while typing this down. Reasons are :-

1) This book ENDS! I will miss you Patch
2) I’m too happy that (view spoiler)
3) This is one is MAJOR! Since ‘this’ happened. I’ve been crying till the end. You just have to find out by yourself. If you’re too curious, you can ask me
4) Duh! NO.MORE.PATCH! It is like losing Christian Grey but without Sex PATCH! PATCH! PATCH!

Hush Hush is the beginning of Nora and Patch love story. Where they found each other. And also *Ahem our horny-lust starts **Sorry Nora, can’t help it

Crescendo is where their love starts to be at Stake with Marcie going all bitchy on Patch. The jealousy, misunderstanding, the heartbreak. And of course, our lovely Scott first appearance. Furthermore, who is Nora? Who is Marcie? Whois Hank?

Silence is where their love was at stake, totally. With she losing all of her memories, including Patch. If her love is strong enough would she regained her memories with Patch or not?

Finale is where they have to do anything to stay together. MeNora and Patch. But, will they succeed? Patch is a fallen angel and Nora is the leader of Nephilim.

This book starts with a prologue of Dante and Scott. You will get to know a bit of them. And the story ends with an epilogue of Vee and Nora, later in the end, a bit of Patch 🙂

Most people complained why Becca Fitpatrick wrote a fourth book. It was too obvious, the book 3, Silence was left in a cliff-hanger state. And i’m so proud she wrote a fourth book.

When Finale was published, i went straight to and bought the book. After 2-3 days, i went on goodreads and read all the reviews, some give 3 some 4 and some 5. I read their reviews, and they are not satisfied. I’m scared i won’t like the book. But, i kicked their bad reviews off my mind. Then when my book came, i started to read it.

Hello people. You must read this book alone, and totally free-time. Like i said FREE-TIME. I read this book not in a perfect time, with my mom calling me, brother and cousins disturbed me. Most of the time i had to stop reading this book, because my mom needs my help and i have to help her. I’m trying to be a good daughter. While helping my mom. The thought of what might happened in Finale kills me. This book might pissed you off and make you happy at the same time. Screaming, shouting, punching, kicking, throwing the book might happened. So, if any of these happened you’re totally reading the same book as mine and you are right on track.


The fourth book, which is the final also known as Finale kills my curiosity. This book, majorly about the war . We still get to see Patch and Nora moments, but not as much as before. This one is action-packed. With them, going here and there, training, thinking of strategy and so…

Nora had to train, to be stronger so she could protect herself and her people with the help of Dante. The higher ups doubt of Nora’s power and the strength to lead the Nephilim as the Cheshvan is near. Moreover, nobody should know Nora is dating Patch, a fallen angel, a sworn enemy. So she and Patch made a planned, pretend to break-up. Whats worse is Dante got a picture of Patch and Dabria together. SUCKS You will feel totally ‘AISWCGDUDMG’ . Which makes this book more fun! Hahaha, i liked when jealousy strikes!


He is as hot as hell! No doubt that he is on every girls’ to-bang list Some people say, he is not the Patch they know. Well, i say, he is the same Patch! He is protective as EVER! SWOON! DREW DOYON~




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