Review : Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren


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Rate : 5 stars

HEA? You can click this link if you want to know if its HEA or not -> Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

I Loved this book so much!


I first put this on my “To-read” list due to first “Look at the cover so mesmerizing” Then I decided to read the synopsis

Enough said, even the synopsis was that attention-grabbing



Okay, Phew just finished reading this book. Christina Lauren you guys blew my mind away

Beautiful Bastard
– is written in dual POV
– Chloe has been working for RMG for….. If I wasnt mistaken since her college years, roughly 6 years? Surely she has been working for RMG for quite a while now
– There are two type of fonts that indicate who is talking. The font of “Beautiful” (just like from the boo cover) represents Chloe’s view and “Bastard” represents Bennett’s


There are few characters it is quite easy to catch up. The main highlight of Beautiful Bastard is Chloe and Bennett. The major supporting characters I must say Julia, Sara, Henry and Elliot. They don’t appear much but they give out vital information.


Chloe Mills

She is one hard ass determined woman and very hardworking. She is that strong female character that you are looking for. I loved loved loved her. She even got balls to backlash Dear boss, Mr Ryan aka Bennet . Chloe is not your weak heroine, she has this smart mouth of hers working as a defense mechanism. From what I’ve noticed her smart mouth only worked if Bennett is pissing her off. If she is with other people, she is very polite. One thing about her that is so funny is that, she has a thing for expensive underwear. La Perla .

Damn, this woman was serious about her underwear – Bennett Ryan

Bennett Ryan

It is safe to say he is my new beloved swoon-worthy-male-character. He is your asshole boss. When it comes to work, he is very serious, focus, determined, ambitious about it. He doesn’t do “Slacking”. Oh my for the love of God He is a damn fine specimen. He has a broad chest. Of course apart of him being rich, money everywhere. He is good in bed. He just know how to blow Chloe’s mind. Ehem. Blow my mind too.Ehem . Good lord he has this freshly fucked hair! That is how the staff called him as. Dayyum . He is never never late. That shows how much he is not messing with the working etiquette. Sadly he can be clueless as hell.

At the very first few pages, we can already see both Chloe and Bennet personality. Both has sparkling personality. By that I meant like;

“You love my filthy mouth.”

“True. But I like it better when its full,” he said, meaningful smirk in place.

“You know, if you would shut up once in a while you’d be damn near perfect.”

I find this book super hilarious. I laughed a lot. Super a lot. Chloe has a smart mouth but Bennett? His mouth is even smarter

“I tried to mentally file through all of the single men we knew and had to discount each of them immediately. Brad: too short. Damian: fucks anything that moves. Kyle: gay. Scott: dumb.”

I laughed my ass of reading that. Oh Bennett, he is so funny.


In terms of education and achievements, Bennett is definitely a successful person on page 78 where all his achievements and educations are mentioned. I, myself, is really amazed with him.



The relationship between Chloe and Bennett is not complicated, it is just fucking

Question is, is just fucking with one another wont cause any problems? By that I meant, is it possible for both of them not to fall for each other?

As the story progressed, I was reading it carefully and full with focus. I was like “At some point, Chloe is like a female version of Bennett”. Reading, reading, reading *SNAP* Henry, the big brother of Bennett mentioned that;

Because you two are much alike,” he said smugly.


What connects them together is that they are much alike, it is not an opposite attract. Both of them are hard-working, determined and intelligent.

Supporting characters

Julia – Chloe’s friend
Sara – Chloe’s friend and also the assistant of Henry
Henry – Is the big brother of Bennett (He is lovely! I like him, he is that kind of brother that likes to piss his younger brother in a funny way)
Joel – A friend of Henry and Joel (view spoiler)
Elliott – Bennett’s father, he is a nice person and very helpful
Susan – Bennett’s mother, she is also a nice person
Mina – Henry’s wife

There are no hateful characters, which is nice as it focused more upon Chloe and Bennett relationship


Page : 63
Page : 68
Page : 107
Page : 177-179 <- This is hilarious!!

My most favorite page 281-till the end! It was heart-wrenching!!! It got me all teary

And the most unfortunate thing about this book is that

IT IS FINISHED! I can’t even…. I want more of Chloe and Bennett, I love their characters so much. I would be truly happy if there were 3 more books of them make it 5!!! Up till they have a baby together.


Good news is! I just ordered the second book “Beautiful Stranger”


Wanna know the ending? Go to my Goodreads : Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren


I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO : Anyone who likes millionaire/billionaire swoon worthy males, strong heroine and crossfire series!


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